Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy

Connect with our qualified Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists from the comfort of your home. Anywhere in Australia.

Horizon Therapy Services are very excited to offer Telehealth occupational therapy and speech pathology assessments and sessions to our clients.

The offering of such services commenced with the outbreak of Covid-19 however we have been overwhelmed by the number of families requesting that this convenient and easily accessible service continues indefinitely.


Instances whereby this service can be very valuable to our clients are;

  • Individuals who live in remote regions and cannot access services.
  • Families who prefer after school consultations but do not have time to travel to the clinic after work
  • For children who find it difficult transitioning into a clinic environment and prefer the comfort of their own home
  • For families with multiple children whereby travelling to the clinic is inconvenient
  • For families/individuals who cannot access services in their state or territory.

Our friendly team are on hand to ensure that you are well prepared for the session by assisting you to download the software and talking you through getting started. All you would require is a device with a microphone, speakers/headset and a reliable internet connection.