Mental Health Services

How can we help?

Mental health occupational therapy assessments help to identify which elements of independent living a client needs assistance with due to a mental health condition.

We see a range of clients including children and adults with a range of mental health disorders. Most common disorders currently treated in clinic or in the community include:

  • ¬†Anxiety related to showering (adults and children)
  • ¬†Anxiety related to food (adults and children)
  • ¬†Anxiety related to school (children)
  • ¬†Anxiety related to social situations (adults and children)
  • ¬†Hoarding (adults)
  • ¬†Sleeping difficulty / sleep hygiene¬†(adults and children)
  • ¬†Poor organisation in daily routines or daily tasks
  • ¬† Anxiety / Depression in the workplace

Horizon Therapy Services are proud to offer the most emerging and evidence based therapy solutions in the field of mental health. For young people today, there is a huge focus on the use of Information Technology in managing mental health. This means that we use APPS, Skype and Tablets when developing an occupational therapy treatment plan with young people.