Horizon Therapy Services are recognised as a registered provider of Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology through the NDIS.  We work with clients who are self managed, NDIS managed and frequently work alongside third parties who manage the financial aspect of NDIS plans.

We offer optional Initial Assessment Reports which can help to inform NDIS case managers of the likely number of sessions required with a therapy plan and associated costs. These reports can be sent directly to your NDIS case manager for your convenience. We also like to offer Progress Reports at the end of twelve sessions to inform NDIS case managers of goals achieved and further sessions required (if necessary) to obtain further funding and to also ensure our goals are met in a measurable, timely and effective manner.

We pride ourselves on achieving positive Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology outcomes for our clients. We are so dedicated to this that we offer flexible appointments before school and evenings to work alongside your busy schedule. As a result of this we are a preferred provider of NDIS service coordinators in the ACT and NSW.

If you’re not a participant of the NDIS and wish to see if you are eligible for funding, use the Access Checker tool.” To “If you’re not a participant of the NDIS and wish to see if you are eligible for funding, Please visit the NDIS website.

Paediatric Interventions

If you’re child has had Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology approved as part of his/her NDIS funding we would be happy to help you. Horizon Therapy Services provide the following paediatric interventions under the NDIS.

Handwriting assessment and interventions

Fine and Gross motor skill assessment and interventions

Sensory Processing Disorder assessment and interventions

Home assessments and interventions to assist with participation in activities of daily living.

School Meetings to discuss assessment results and improve classroom participation and functioning.

Improvement of social skills through group Occupational Therapy sessions every fortnight.

Speech Pathology