Language Speech Pathology

Language is fundamental to your child’s development, academic achievement and communication throughout life. Every child learns to speak by listening, playing with sounds and talking to others.

Children begin to learn from the moment they are born – first receptive language skills (understanding what they hear), then expressive language skills (speaking) and social language skills

You can help develop both kinds of language skills by talking, watching, listening, playing and sharing books with your child.

Children generally develop language skills according to developmental milestones influenced by many familial, individual, medical, educational and environmental factors. Assessment and therapy considers these relevant influencing factors, including hearng. Assessment may be either or both informal and formal. Therapy goals are collaboratively set with client (if adult or young adult), family and relevant education and health professionals/organizations.

Speech Pathologists at Horizon work with children and young adults who may have language challenges within Autism Spectrum Disorder, disability and those where supported communication systems can help to reach optimal communication potentials.

Therapists at Horizon regularly conduct school holiday language and social language groups and where indicated can conduct a session with an Occupational Therapist.