Supporting choice and service planning

Policy Statement

We are committed to collaborating with our clients, their families and guardians when choosing and planning their services.


To provide guidance to our staff and clients about how we support clients to make choices about the services they receive based on their individual needs and goals.


Implementing this policy is the responsibility of all Horizon Therapy Services Employees. The Practice Manager is responsible for ensuring all staff read and implement this policy and associated procedures, and that feedback is sought from our clients to ensure continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our Service Commitment

  • We will collaborate with our clients to develop a service agreement which establishes expectations, explains the supports to be delivered, and specifies any conditions attached to the delivery of supports, including why these conditions are attached
  • All staff will proactively work to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to help us identify the most suitable therapist depending upon their individual therapy needs, goals and preferences
  • we take a person-centred approach to developing treatment plans in partnership with our clients, their families and carers
  • We will ensure that where a client is transitioning to a new service that collaboration between supports and services is undertaken to ensure that transition/exit planning meets the needs of each client and their family -we will also ensure that consent is obtained prior to releasing your information.

Support planning

  • With each participant’s consent, work is undertaken with the participant and their support network to enable effective assessment and to develop a support plan to the extent that it meets their therapeutic needs and goals
  • We will access appropriate information from a range of resources to ensure our client’s support requirements, preferences, strengths and goals are included in the assessment and the support plan
  • In collaboration with each participant, their families/guardians as relevant, we will develop a documented risk assessment inclusive of appropriate strategies to treat known risks. Periodic reviews of the effectiveness of risk management strategies will be undertaken with each client to ensure risks are being adequately addressed, and changes are made when required.
  • We will document any reasonable adjustments that may need to be made to support the delivery of therapy services.
  • Each support plan will be reviewed annually or earlier in collaboration with clients, according to their changing needs or circumstances. Progress in meeting desired outcomes and goals is assessed, at a frequency relevant and proportionate to risks, the participant’s functionality and the participant’s wishes
  • Where progress is different from expected outcomes and goals, we will work with our clients to change and update the support plan
  • Where appropriate, and with the consent of the participant, information on the support plan will be communicated to family members, carers, other providers and relevant government agencies as required.

Planning and delivering outcomes for children

In full alignment with the NDIS Practice Standards we will work with our clients to ensure that:

  • We facilitate the active involvement of the child’s support network in their treatment plans and that strengths, needs and priorities are identified by working in partnership with the family
  • The functional outcomes for the child and their family are based on their needs and priorities, and the skills needed to achieve those outcomes are identified through collaboration with the child and their family
  • We recognise and respect the family’s expertise and knowledge about their child
  • Each treatment plan is flexible and individualised to reflect the child’s and family members’ preferences and learning styles
  • Each support plan is based on child and family choice and control and is undertaken with the family.
  • Each plan describes the interventions and their functional outcomes
  • The family is actively involved in the assessment of the child and the development and review of the support plan
  • A copy of the support plan is provided to the family in the language, mode of communication and terms that they are most likely to understand
  • The functional outcomes support the child’s meaningful participation in family and community life
  • The assessment, intervention planning and outcomes for the child and the family are measured, evaluated and reported in ways that are meaningful to, and understood by, the family.
  • Our early childhood services are delivered in accordance with the National Guidelines for Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention

Monitoring and review

The Horizon Therapy Services Management Committee will monitor and review the implementation of this policy on a quarterly basis. Feedback from our clients will also be sought as part of our commitment to customer feedback and through our Advisory Committee.

Further information

For further information on this policy and associated risk management procedures, contact Helen Shayler, General Manager at

Document Revision

This policy and procedure will be revised as required and at no later than one year from the date of last major revision.