Feedback and Complaints Policy

Policy Statement

We are committed to promoting and encouraging our clients, their families and carers to provide feedback, both good and negative, about our services. We aim to implement a positive culture whereby compliments and complaints are treated as an opportunity to continuously improve the quality of services that we provide.


It is a guiding principle of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act) that people with disability have the same right as other members of Australian society to pursue any grievance. This policy sets out our commitment to customer service and feedback and meets our obligations under the NDIS legislation.


Implementing this policy is the responsibility of all Horizon Therapy Services Employees. The Practice Manager is responsible for ensuring all staff read and implement this policy and associated procedures, and that feedback is sought from our clients to ensure continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our Service Commitment

All staff will proactively work to ensure that:

  • people understand their rights and responsibilities in relation to providing feedback and making a complaint
  • people are treated with respect and dignity. This includes respecting their privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of their information
  • A person does not necessarily have to expressly state that they wish to make a complaint to have an issue or concern dealt with as a complaint
  • information on the feedback and complaint management process is easily accessible
  • we explain how and where to make a compliment or complaint, including an anonymous complaint
  • we explain alternative complaint resolution pathways when the complaint is first lodged and when it is closed
  • we support individuals to identify and seek their preferred outcome.
  • we explain how the organisation will manage a complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution
  • clients are satisfied in the way their compliments and complaints are managed
  • we record and analyse data to identify emerging and existing trends or systemic issues and monitor timeframes for resolution of complaints
  • employees are trained in our feedback, compliment and complaint management processes and develop the capabilities required to manage compliments, complaints and feedback
  • we build an organisational culture that is focused on effective, person-centred complaints resolution and utilising feedback for continuous improvement.

Monitoring and review

The Horizon Therapy Services Management Committee will monitor and review the implementation of this policy on a quarterly basis. Feedback from our clients will also be sought as part of our commitment to customer feedback and through our Advisory Committee.

Further information

For further information on this policy and associated risk management procedures, contact Helen Shayler, General Manager at

Document Revision

This policy and procedure will be revised as required and at no later than one year from the date of last major revision.