Home Modifications

Following an injury or illess a client may find that they are no longer able to complete certain tasks at home that they previously completed independently. This can place a heavy burden on family members and reduce a client’s self esteem and mental state. Horizon Therapy Services can complete a home assessment and task analysis to find alternative methods of completing tasks independently. This is achieved through educating clients on alternative strategies, modifying the home environment or introducing aids and equipment to help in the independent completion of meaningful home activities.


Being able to use the toilet, prepare hot meals, dress themselves, feed themselves, mobilise themselves and access the community independently is important to many clients. Clients who have injuries or disabilities may be unable to complete these tasks without seeking assistance. This can result in reduced self asteem and the situation can affect family dynamics as family and friends become fulltime carers.

We have many ideas and measures to help you gain independence in toileting, showering, bathing, just to name a few. Most of our clients are suprised how little is needed to help get them independent once again. We have a trusted network of home modification builders and architects who can install the neccesary modification.

If your finding it difficult moving around your home to do tasks such as hanging clothes out, gardening or just getting some fresh air, we can do measurments and suggest the appropriate and cost effective solutions for your needs such as ramps, hand rails, lifts, just to name a few.