Art Therapy

Art Therapy supports children/teens to explore and better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours without judgement. The child is able to have a physical representation of their thoughts, feelings, fears and dreams. With the help of the art therapist, they can then explore these more and develop an understanding/acceptance of themselves and find solutions when needed.

Art Therapy promotes child/person led therapy rather than service-led which, support the aim of the NDIS.

Art Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists, can work closely together and complement each other to support children/teens and their families to achieve their goals.

Art Therapy can help with:

  • Building self-awareness, self-worth, and autonomy
  • Building confidence and communication skills
  • Developing planning, problem-solving skills and resilience
  • Developing anger/anxiety management skills
  • Resolving conflict/relationship problems
  • Increasing memory and cognitive skills
  • Developing creativity