Our mission, vision & values

Mission Statement

Horizon Therapy Services exists to assist those in need of healthcare services who require expert care to support recovery and to successfully achieve their occupational therapy and speech pathology goals. Horizon Therapy Services is committed to offering exceptional quality services that set the standard for healthcare in Canberra. This care is provided through service excellence, innovation, compassion, and promotion of self-determination.

Vision Statement

Our aim is to be:

  • Known for timely and successful outcomes
  • Known for excellent customer service
  • Known for a high degree of professionalism

Our Values

  • We believe that individuals in need of our services are our highest priority. They are the reason why Horizon Therapy Services exists.
  • We believe in the preservation of human dignity, self-respect and individual rights in a caring environment that results in enabling individuals to live, work and contribute in their chosen community.
  • We believe in the person-centred approach to care in which the total health needs of the individual are addressed. We encourage families to become involved in their loved ones’ treatment efforts.
  • We believe our employees are our most valuable asset and we promote a healthy work environment, open communications, teamwork, trust, honesty, and ethical behaviour which allows us to be accountable to each other, to the individuals we serve, and to our community.
  • We believe that Horizon Therapy Services should be responsive to the healthcare needs of the communities it serves and direct its resources to meet those needs.
  • We believe in being a good corporate citizen of the community, maintaining communications with the public and participating actively in community affairs, particularly those related to healthcare.