Sensory Room

Horizon Therapy Services have an innovative sensory room on site for clients to address sensory processing disorders which may have been identified at the Initial Assessment stage of the Occupational Therapy Process or later in subsequent sessions. Occupational Therapy intervention in this case is aimed at assisting clients to achieve emotional regulation and help them to improve their function in activities of daily living such as classroom behaviour, morning routines, social networks and personal care.

The Sensory Room facilitates therapeutic intervention across a wide range of Sensory Processing including:

  • Tactile sensory processing
  • Auditory sensory processing
  • Visual sensory processing
  • Movement sensory processing (Vestibular and Proprioceptive processing included)

The Sensory Room is also a fantastic way of building rapport and therapeutic relationships with children to ensure that children are comfortable and happy at the commencement of therapy and during therapy sessions alike.

The Sensory Room is frequently used for clients who have difficulty reducing anxiety and to promote relaxation too.